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international conference call india

India is undergoing significant change as far as its telecommunications system goes.


It is now considered one of the fastest growing markets in the world for telecommunications services thanks to recent telecom deregulation and liberalization.


According to the CIA World Fact Book, India's teledensity is about 75 percent as of 2011 with over 900 million telephone subscribers. Each month, over 20 million new subscribers are added. Urban areas have reached 100 percent teledensity, and rural areas continue to increase their teledensity.


Like many developing countries, mobile cellular phones outnumber landline phones dramatically in India. Of the over 900 million telephone subscribers reported in 2011, over 893 million were mobile subscribers and just over 32 million were landline subscribers.


India hosts the largest domestic satellite system in the world: INSAT (the Indian National Satellite system). It is connected internationally via several international submarine cable systems (such as Sea-Me-We-3, Sea-Me-We-4, SAFE, FLAG, Tata Indicom, and the i2i cable network) and numerous satellite earth stations (including Inmarsat and Intelsat), and various gateway exchanges in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Ernakulam, Chennai, Jalandhar, and Gandhinagar.


Over a dozen telecom service providers serve the country with the largest players being Bharti, Reliance, Vodaphone, and Idea.


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As a hub of outsourcing, business is booming in India.


Global communications with India is at an all time high. Audio conferencing is at

the top of the list for on demand overseas interaction.

Chairing a conference call from India

Your staff can host a conference call with potential clients located in any country.


For instance, all attendees from around the world can talk on the same call.


e.g. Enjoy group calls with New York, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore and


China. When attendees call in using toll free numbers, there is no cost to the


You have several calling options if you live in India or visit on business. One

option to consider is using a conference call India service.


With a global conference call plan, you can use the service provider's network and take

advantage of its low international calling rates. Your callers can dial your teleconference

directly by dialing an India country-specific toll-free number or the Chennai local access



Optionally the chairperson can dial attendees directly using moderator "dial-out." In

either case, you may find that your India conference call service is more affordable than


India's international dialing conventions.


Although an advanced and contemporary telecommunication system exists in Ireland,


hosting an international conference call with participants located not only in Ireland but


additional countries is best outsourced to a professional global conference call provider.

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mexico virtual number

mexico virtual number

Mexico Call Forwarding


If you have associates, vendors, customers or family in Mexico or if your business is expanding to Mexico, callers in Mexico can now communicate easily with you regardless of where you may be located.


Usage Example - Mexico Virtual Numbers


A theoretical use scenario:


  1. A customer gets a private Mexico number and diverts Mexico City callers to his/her cell phone in the U.S. (or any other country).


  1. Enjoy complete control, via the Web, as to where your Mexico Virtual Number will redirect calls to, eg. your 'ring to' number.


  1. Easily change your 'ring to' number 24/7. Simply login to you account online and change your 'ring to' number in 'real time' to any other landline or mobile phone worldwide.


  1. Have your Mexico Virtual number call forward to your U.S. landline in the AM and change it to your cell phone in the PM.


• Choose from selection of Mexico Virtual Numbers


• Have calls forwarded to any country, mobile or landline


• Make 'ring to' number changes online 24/7


• Highest quality connections available


If a Mexico toll free is needed, view the city availability list here. Unlike a Mexico Virtual local number, a Mexico toll free number is accessible to the caller from anywhere in Mexico, not just one city.


There is no minimum usage commitment and no added taxes to the Mexico Virtual Numbers or Mexico Toll Free Numbers.


With a Mexico Freephone Number, your callers can reach you anywhere in the world at no cost to them. Your incoming calls will redirected automatically to any country number you designate, anywhere in the world.


Activating virtual call forwarding phone numbers require no equipment or installation and usually takes one day or less to activate your account.


We accept most credit cards for payment, including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners and JCB.


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